My Process

My early life experiences as the “other” in a variety of settings gave me many gifts. Chief among them is my ability to engage in a manner that respects the culture and context of another. While one can never walk in someone else’s shoes, we may each connect to our humanity and in turn recognize parts of ourself in most any setting – no matter how different that setting might seem.

That said - rather than through a single, self-focused lens - I try to view life as if through a kaleidoscope.

I activate my 20,000 + hours of formal studio art training, psychology education, business experience, and hard-won life lessons by mixing aesthetics and research to help develop work cultures that enhance, empower, and engage people for the betterment of their organization and community.

This holistic approach - inclusive of the human, built, and intangible environments® - is my definition of workplace well-being.